A half day Christian Preschool

TLC Calendar


                6th Tuesday                                            Orientation- 9:00: Three-Year-Old Class and 4 day Four-Year-Old

                                                                                 10:30: 3 Day Four-Year-Old and 5 Day PreK

                7th Wednesday                                     First day of Classes             


                8th Tuesday                                            No School-Election Day

                22nd Tuesday                                         5 Day PreK Class Conferences- No Class, 3-Year-Old & 4 Day 4’s Class in Session

                23rd – 25th Wed.- Friday                      No School – Thanksgiving Vacation


                14th Wednesday                                   Christmas Concert -evening 7:00pm

                19th Monday – Jan 2nd Mon.              No School- Christmas Vacation


                3rd Tuesday                                           Classes Resume

                16th Monday                                         No School- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


                17th Friday- 20th Monday                    No School – President’s Day


                10th Friday                                             No School – Professional Development


                3rd Monday- 10th Monday                 No School- Easter Vacation

                11th Tuesday                                         Classes Resume

                27th Thursday                                        Conferences: 3s, and 4-day 4s, no class; 5-day PreK Class in session

                28th Friday                                             Conferences: 3-day 4s and 5 Day PreK – no classes


                25th Wednesday                                   All Classes – graduation times to be determined          

Adventure     Camp:

1st Session:            Tuesday May 30th – Friday June 2nd  

2nd Session:           Monday June5th – Thursday June 8th